пятница, сентября 30, 2005

So yeah, update

All of a sudden, it's a week later.

I did music in class this week--fun, except I think they were expecting more Brittney Spears and 50 Cent than they got... which was none. Instead, I decided it was important they understant Elvis and Dylan. And sing along with "A Little Less Conversation". I'm going to preach a sermon on that song someday. Good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff, Alana and I are going through a book my friend Ryan "Built for Marriage" Hanson wouldn't like anymore because it's called "Preparing for Marriage". I think parental interviews are coming up, so look out. It's a great chance to talk things out in leu of a real couple to mentor us. But we're still looking--we've got two leads (the Tuckers and the Ramseys) that you could help us pray about.

There's an ice cream factory literally just down the road from us. Jon bought 2.5 kilos Tuesday.

Ballroom dancing is hard. Especially whichever waltz we were trying to learn. Total fun, but it sure doesn't come naturally.

I'm stil struggling with feelings of anxiety tied to my financial and scheduling situations, even though there's nothing actually wrong. Help me pray through this. Also, I'm way jealous of Rus, who got to see Sufjan Stevens in concert. Were you there Ben? Speaking of jealous--a big fat CONGRATULATIONS to Roddy Boy, who will be married any second now.

We get to talk about our Father together tomorrow twice--once with each other, then again with students! Fun times!

пятница, сентября 23, 2005

Contact Info

Nothing too exciting:
Phone: 7.3212.75.12.52 (+ 13 hours WC time)
Address: Attn: Nathan Acheson
Small Business Training Center
49 Yermekov Street
Karaganda, Kazakhstan

The weather finally got fall-like today as it only got up into the 50s. Not that I mind.

Classes go well, but I'm feeling the pinch financially (I cannot afford to travel to Uzbekistan, as things now stand) and time-wise. 4 lessons is a lot to prepare (and grade), so even though I have half as many students as the rest of my teachers, I feel like I've got twice as much work. The friday has filled up with team and student activities, pretty much, which leaves half of sunday and saturday for my lesson planning for the week... I'm grading monday through thursday. An endless cycle.

Still, I can't complain. Except I just did. And I STILL haven't been able to load my fantasy football team since coming here. It's all in Gavin's hands right now.

Noah, Jon and I took a big step towards real community this morning--pray we can defend the ground we've taken. Pray also for the discussion group we're hosting friday evening at the girl's place.

Also, just because I can't reply to you in less than a week doesn't mean you shouldn't email me. Especially you, Ryan.

пятница, сентября 16, 2005

The Breaks

New pictures are up.

Thursday was the last day of my first week of class. Hooray. I'm fairly confident of most of student's names. But what are you going to do, personally invest in these kids? Pshaw. No seriously, I like most of them. Some of them are what we call "American groupies". They think it's cool to hang out with Americans and pester them with questions. Some are 15 and flirtatious. Some are vain, ambitious pricks. Some of them are even English teachers themselves... which I thought was cool until I realized this means they can spot a crap lesson from a mile away. AND they're actually going to use what they learn. So the pressure's on. I used Jurraassic 5 in class yesterday. That's how cool I am.

The weather has been very fall-like. Up into to 70's during the day and down, um, lower at night.

We lost water AND electricity for a few days due to a fire one floor above us. This is different than the time we expected to lose water LAST week for the winterization of the pipes.

Currently reading: Genesis, Acts and Revelation.
Watched recently: Chuck Norris's "Eye for an Eye" (1981)
Recently broken: bookshelf - who builds an eight foot tall cabinet out of 1cm particle board and some corner braces?
Currently drinking: Piva Karagandinskya. It's way good. And Smirnof is a dollar for a half liter (6 month'w worth of vodka)

Student quotes that helped me make it through the week:
- "The work do from monkey man."
- "In my life I'd like to divide my each skills on natural that I imbibe with one's mother milk."

среда, сентября 07, 2005

I am very angry at the Kaz-internet right now. I have 6 emails I’ve been trying to send all week. I think I know what the problem is. Only now, I can’t get online. It was the same two nights ago. It keeps saying there is no dial tone. I can hear the f*cking dial tone! I am at the swearing and throwing Jon’s computer out the window point, you see. It will pass.

Wait, I’m connected now. Hooray.

Am I learning patience? Am I? AM I?! Better say yes, damnit!


Classes start tomorrow—I planned an entire semester this afternoon. Well, I made up some units and gave names to each of my 18 weeks of class. I have two classes that meet 4 times a week. It's actually the same class, just two groups. One has 25 students. The other? 12. Only 8 guys in the whole group. I'm going to try to scare thr group of 25 down to a more reasonable # by monday.

We all have to operate under the assumption it’s all being monitored—phone, internet, mail… everything. Still, we have more freedom than some. I am safe. God is moving.

…and it looks like using outlook express has been official shot down for the year. Because I don’t know how to ask questions about my SMTP server or whatever in Russian. I need details from my internet sevice provider.

I sound whiny. Life isn't bad. It's just the last hour of it has been really frustrating.

Unity. Surrender.

понедельник, сентября 05, 2005


  • We started testing today, classes start Thursday.
  • I'm trying to write a letter to Samina in Uzbek. It's taking forever.
  • I have 6 messages in my outbox that Outlook won't send. Time saver my toosh.

суббота, сентября 03, 2005

Dinner out on the Town

Dining out in Central Asia is an experience like none other. It can be a great time eating delicious traditional foods out-of-doors in good company for reasonable prices.
Or not.
I’ve got used to being the only one in the restaurant. I’ve become used to the surly, grudging service. But I haven’t got used to waiting 45 minutes in the dark for a $4 piece of shashlik while the wait-staff has dinner behind a door just down the hall because I’m too tired to keep walking, let alone cook something for myself. How will they know our food is ready? Normally I wouldn’t worry about it, but I was tired and hungry tonight—a lethal combination. Listen to me, I'm complaining about a nice dinner out that cost me $5.

Still, I am mighty impressed by piva Karagadinskaya. How impressed? Better than any of the pilsners I had in Hungary, Rus.

Today was a good day, dinner excluded. And even that wasn’t so bad. We had our first city team meeting this morning. Just prayed the whole time—very edifying, I thought.

I got to vent a little to Alana after some delicious chili and walk around the park by their place a bit as well. Compound sentences can be a problem for me. So sue me.

And we tested some students for Ryan and Brian’s classes. Most will do just fine. One wasn’t exactly listening, however, when I asked her how old she was. She answered, “I’m fine, thanks. How are you?”

Also, for you who understand the world of spiritual warfare, I live in a former goulag. Hostility, Confusion and Deception have already made their presence felt. (Not my own discerning, but corroborated.) Pray.