пятница, июня 09, 2006

"Home" again

I've arrived safe and sound with my luggage. Traveling this far west this fast is always a little wierd, but, whatever. I'm in Leavenworth after half a day's worth of delays and missed connections. Good thing I like the Denver airport. They have burritos there. You can't get those in Karaganda, or even Alamty or Franfurk. Mmm... burritos. Anyway, I got to Leavenworth around 4:30 this morning and slept 'till noon. Aparently I was tired.

Culture shock is already hitting me harder this time around... pray for my fight against paralysis in the face of so much to do and so many choices. I'm starting small, so right now I'm trying to do email, look through my regular mail, unpack and pick out tuxedos and explain Tarkan and Arash to my mother.

I've got two weeks to find an apartment, car and a job!