пятница, сентября 30, 2005

So yeah, update

All of a sudden, it's a week later.

I did music in class this week--fun, except I think they were expecting more Brittney Spears and 50 Cent than they got... which was none. Instead, I decided it was important they understant Elvis and Dylan. And sing along with "A Little Less Conversation". I'm going to preach a sermon on that song someday. Good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff, Alana and I are going through a book my friend Ryan "Built for Marriage" Hanson wouldn't like anymore because it's called "Preparing for Marriage". I think parental interviews are coming up, so look out. It's a great chance to talk things out in leu of a real couple to mentor us. But we're still looking--we've got two leads (the Tuckers and the Ramseys) that you could help us pray about.

There's an ice cream factory literally just down the road from us. Jon bought 2.5 kilos Tuesday.

Ballroom dancing is hard. Especially whichever waltz we were trying to learn. Total fun, but it sure doesn't come naturally.

I'm stil struggling with feelings of anxiety tied to my financial and scheduling situations, even though there's nothing actually wrong. Help me pray through this. Also, I'm way jealous of Rus, who got to see Sufjan Stevens in concert. Were you there Ben? Speaking of jealous--a big fat CONGRATULATIONS to Roddy Boy, who will be married any second now.

We get to talk about our Father together tomorrow twice--once with each other, then again with students! Fun times!