воскресенье, июня 11, 2006

Mamma mia

Blogger is being stupid and has eaten two posts in the last day or two. Idiots.

I really like the little Italian guy in "Cars".

I also spent five minutes looking for my passport before I remembered I don't need it before going outside. I also get dirty looks and scoled because I'm slow to remember seatbelts are normal and usual here, as are green salads and crazy, crazy dressings. The bank, post office, buying a cell phone and a few other things as well as hitting up the dry cleaning place and trying to get some glaze for dad isn't a week's itenerary but a day's: crazy. As long as I remember the toilet paper goes in the toilet, I'm ok. Plus, I've stopped looking in the fridge for drinkable water.

I hear CAFE is out of Uzbekistan now. This sucks for a lot of people, but mostly for a family I know who's visa was through them and my old Uzbek tutor. Sad.

I'll be heading to Seattle monday sometime (maybe in the AM for the US v Czchchz Repulic?) to check out this list of apartments and jobs I have. Hopefully someone will want to rent to two unemployed history majors.

Some great WC action out there too: Trinidad (AND Tobago!) crashing Sweeden's party with a nil-nil draw and Ivory Coast giving Argentina a run for their money were really fun to watch. Now I need to decide who I want to lose more: Iran or Mexico?
In short, there's a lot to pray about.
I'll see some of you Sunday!


Blogger Hillary said...

First of all, you're hilarious. Second, I am praying for you today as you make choices and head to Seattle.

And...I understand the whole toilet paper thing. I can't even tell you the number of times I've almost dropped it into the trash can. oops!

2:30 PM  
Blogger nach said...

Thanks Hil, I miss you already. I was telling Alana (in my head at least) that I keep hearing y'all's voices in the crowd--mostly you, Jon and Ryan, but you know how it goes.

8:17 PM  
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