среда, сентября 07, 2005

I am very angry at the Kaz-internet right now. I have 6 emails I’ve been trying to send all week. I think I know what the problem is. Only now, I can’t get online. It was the same two nights ago. It keeps saying there is no dial tone. I can hear the f*cking dial tone! I am at the swearing and throwing Jon’s computer out the window point, you see. It will pass.

Wait, I’m connected now. Hooray.

Am I learning patience? Am I? AM I?! Better say yes, damnit!


Classes start tomorrow—I planned an entire semester this afternoon. Well, I made up some units and gave names to each of my 18 weeks of class. I have two classes that meet 4 times a week. It's actually the same class, just two groups. One has 25 students. The other? 12. Only 8 guys in the whole group. I'm going to try to scare thr group of 25 down to a more reasonable # by monday.

We all have to operate under the assumption it’s all being monitored—phone, internet, mail… everything. Still, we have more freedom than some. I am safe. God is moving.

…and it looks like using outlook express has been official shot down for the year. Because I don’t know how to ask questions about my SMTP server or whatever in Russian. I need details from my internet sevice provider.

I sound whiny. Life isn't bad. It's just the last hour of it has been really frustrating.

Unity. Surrender.


Anonymous vacas5 said...

I love you, bro. Give it up for vent posts, because frankly I think they're hysterical.

12:57 AM  
Blogger Gavin said...

What was a "nice meal"? Is it meat in vats of "sauce"? Are you going to bring some of the liquid refreshment back with you? Are you going to whine more about the internet? A magical journey, to be sure...

6:47 AM  

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