пятница, июля 07, 2006

Clifton Park

I made it to Clifton Park without much ado--after 2.5 hours of delays I only arrived 30 minutes late. That tells me the flight to Almaty doesn't have to be 14 hour from Frankfurt, if we can magically make that kind of time up on a whim. Then again, I know nothing of flying.

This is post 101. Kind of anti-climactic, I know. Aslo, I am searching for direction for this blog, since I'm no longer overseas... This may be the end.

понедельник, июля 03, 2006

Getting started

Looking to learn more about Central Asia? Check out this only slightly embarrasing conversation--a great reading list for anyone who's been or wants to go.

воскресенье, июля 02, 2006

Mission Accomplished

We've got an apartment! It's on the south slope of Queen Anne, about three blocks up from the cafe Ladro, if you know what I mean. It's small, with an 'angle' view... but it'll do nicely. Now to move in and get it as ready for Alana as possible before I fly to NY on the 5th. Wee!