среда, июня 29, 2005


It looks like ESI will NOT be sending any teachers to Uzbekistan this fall... which seriously sucks. However, Kazakhstan, U-stan's neighbor to the north, is very likely my (and Alana's) assignment for the coming school year. Jon will probably come too.

вторник, июня 28, 2005


Boston is a rad city. Not rad like Budapest, but still pretty rad. Alana took me to dinner in the north end (Italian) the other night. Saw a game in Fenway... which was smaller than I expected. As cool as an experience like that was--to watch a game where so much history had happened and so many great players had played... it did make me appreciate the Safe even more. Although Fenway doesn't have those annoying gimmicky cheering prompts over the loudspeakers and/or on the centerfield scoreboard. No one tells you how to cheer. That's cool. However, I will, under no circumstances, pay $6 for tepid Bud Light. And there are no garlic fries.

Other sights of note:
Freedom Trail
Boston Common (complete with lesbian swans in the pond)
Hancock and Prudential towers
Park Street Church (some famous butts have been on those pews: Sam Adams, Paul Revere, etc.)
a pond near Plymouth
and the very cold Atlantic ocean. Cold like if you went in Lake Wenatchee two weeks ago.

пятница, июня 24, 2005

New York

I've been in upstate New York since the 15th of June. That's over a week. I like it here. Mostly becasue there's this girl named Alana who lives here and lets me be her boyfriend. Wednesday she and I went to Niagra falls AND had dinner with Travis (+ Amber). Sure we spent more time in the car than anywhere else that day, but it was worth it.

Cooperstown? Been there.

Crazy Native American names? Got 'em. (and you though Sequim was hard to pronounce)

We're headed to Boston this weekend.

Also, if you want to see pictures, ask questions and hear about my time in Uzbekistan, July 8th is the day for you. Right now it's planned for 6:30 (Friday) at the PUD. Email this adress nacheson@spu.edu for details.

суббота, июня 11, 2005

Milk and Honey

I'm home. Whatever that means. I'm in Leavenworth, in a house I spent a lot of time growing up in, of that helps. It's weird being back in the states, people. Everything seems to have gotten bigger while I was away (except my parents, who are smaller). Cars and highways. People. Prices. Roscoe, our cat. The home DVD collection.

The reason I'm posting now, with no real news, is that I need your prayer big time right now. Not only am I starting to rasie support for next year (get ready for that email!) but the situation in Uzbekistan seems to be deteriorating. The US Embassy (as noted before) has pulled out all non-essential staff. The Peace Corps have been denied visas when they went in for renewals. Part of this is an ongoing political spat between the USA and Uz governments, part of this is because of new intelligence (I'm told).

So, pray. ESI is debating wether they should send teachers or not this fall. If we do, only alumni would be allowed, which would complicate the teamate situation in Tashkent. ESI may not send anyone to Uzbekistan next year, in which case I might end up going to Kazakhstan or something.

Personally, I think I need to go back to Uzbekistan now more than ever. But it is hard and scary to think too long on.

It's in the LORD's hands.

пятница, июня 03, 2005


So here I am in the beautiful and neatly ordered Netherlands watching the situation in Uzbekistan deteriorate. The US embassy is pulling out non-essential personel and encouraging ex-pats to leave "while they can". Add rumors that Chechen terrorists were involved in the May 13th mess and... yeah. I pray my visa stuff goes well this summer.

Keep praying for Uzbekistan--its leaders and the church there.

In other news, Russ and I have very much enjoyed our time in London and now the Hauge. We met up with Kerri for a fun-filled romp through London, uh, Sunday, I think.

Monday was spent on a bus, boat and train on our way to Holland. Tuesday was art day with Charlie--we took in the MC Escher museum and another with a ton of Vermeers (Girl With a Pearl Earing, etc.). Russ and I wandered Amsterdam on wednesday, rather sucessfully avoiding the sex and drugs. We did take the Hieneken tour, watch some gus play chess on a giant board in some park and paddle a little boat around on the canals, however. Yesterday we hung out with Lisa and saw the old (13th century) and new (15th entury?) churches. Today? Maybe a bike ride and some uitsmeiters.