пятница, сентября 23, 2005

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Nothing too exciting:
Phone: 7.3212.75.12.52 (+ 13 hours WC time)
Address: Attn: Nathan Acheson
Small Business Training Center
49 Yermekov Street
Karaganda, Kazakhstan

The weather finally got fall-like today as it only got up into the 50s. Not that I mind.

Classes go well, but I'm feeling the pinch financially (I cannot afford to travel to Uzbekistan, as things now stand) and time-wise. 4 lessons is a lot to prepare (and grade), so even though I have half as many students as the rest of my teachers, I feel like I've got twice as much work. The friday has filled up with team and student activities, pretty much, which leaves half of sunday and saturday for my lesson planning for the week... I'm grading monday through thursday. An endless cycle.

Still, I can't complain. Except I just did. And I STILL haven't been able to load my fantasy football team since coming here. It's all in Gavin's hands right now.

Noah, Jon and I took a big step towards real community this morning--pray we can defend the ground we've taken. Pray also for the discussion group we're hosting friday evening at the girl's place.

Also, just because I can't reply to you in less than a week doesn't mean you shouldn't email me. Especially you, Ryan.


Blogger Gavin said...

You still can't load your team? Yeesh. You're 1-1, by the way. I'll look into it and maybe make a couple changes.

4:01 AM  

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